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About Vykon Supplements

Lisa Pitel-Killah Health & Performance

Vykon was founded by Lisa Pitel-Killah, Hair Mineral Analysis Expert, Functional Diagnostic Practitioner and multi-time Kettlebell Sport World Champion.   

Lisa has a passion for guiding people to maximize health, reverse debilitating symptoms and gain energy to truly recognize their full potential. She is a health, wellness and fitness advocate, and believes that everyone should have access to the absolute best quality, all natural supplements. As she would say, “If you truly want to support your body in the best way possible, why would you use products with: subpar ingredients, or artificial flavours, sweeteners or colours?  I know, I wouldn’t.”

Our mission at vykon

Vykon is committed to inspiring and empowering individuals to achieve their best life by producing top quality products to support their journey.  All-natural supplements with the finest ingredients to fuel the body.  Whether you are using the custom powders, based on HTMA science, to erase debilitating symptoms and regain health; our foundational support or the performance line to take your game to the next level.  Vykon is innovative, forward-thinking, beta-tested and here to help those that want more out of life to achieve it.

At Vykon we believe that everyone deserves to live and perform better, naturally!


Vykon Custom powders are a revolutionary product, that provide all of the nutrients that an individual needs, based on science.  These powders are an “all-in-one” high potency supplement, made to be taken twice per day and composed, based on HTMA results; because everyone is different. Vykon Custom powders will simplify your day, fuel your body with the best, all natural nutrients and help you live your best life.


The team at Vykon is committed to health, training, coaching, educating and sharing everything you need to know to reach new heights.  We make it a priority each and every day to learn more, dig deeper, inspire and motivate others, with the utmost professionalism and integrity.  If you are seeking support and strategies to erase debilitating symptoms, gain reps at the gym, get to the top of the podium and live your best life, then we can help.  


All products are manufactured in a Health Canada licensed facility in Ottawa, Ontario CANADA.  The lab is GMP compliant, have strict quality assurance protocols and always use third party testing to validate the identity and purity of every single ingredient.  Only the finest quality, natural and non-artificial ingredients are used in every Vykon formulation.  Vykon Supplements is a global brand and a Division of Vykon Inc.